How to tie a zebra midge for fly fishing

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Materials needed: -Vise -Dai-Riki #285 size 20 hooks -5/64" cyclops bead heads - 2/0 red thread -silver fly tying wire - scissors

Take bead head and thread it on the hook

Attach hook and bead to vise

Take thread and begin wrapping hook. Start at the head of the hook and wrap down to the shank of the hook.

Trim tail end of thread that you wrapped over and continue wrapping toward the shank.

Cut about 3 in of wire and place along the shank of the hook

Wrap up and down the body of the fly until the fly is nice and full looking. Usually you do a full wrap 4 times for a completed fly.

Fully wrapped midge

Start wrapping wire and wrap 5 times or so. The wire is used to imitate body segments

Wrap over tail end of wire and cut off any extra wire. Finish by tying several finishing knots on the head of the fly. If possible use a whip finish to tie the end knot.

Your finished zebra midge

Watch the video: Fly tying for beginnersHow to tie a Zebra Midge!!

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