How to upcycle old toilet paper tubes to awesome wall art

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Take all your toilet paper tubes and squish them so they are flat

On one side of the tube, mark every 1/2 inch. Do on all tubes.

On the other side of the tube mark every 1/2 inch. Do on all tubes.

On every tube, draw a line connecting each mark you made.

Cut across the lines on all tubes so you have little ovals.

If you have a paper towel tube mark every 1/2 inch the same way and cut

This is what you should have by now

Decide on a design and use you hot glue gun to attach them.

Do NOT start glueing until you made up your mind on what design your doing

Now hang it up on your wall and there's your beautiful wall art

Watch the video: Wall decor using toilet paper rolls DIY - Recycled Toilet paper crafts


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