How to make origami sailboat party favors

Start with a perfectly square piece of paper. I used a 6x6 square

Fold corner to corner and press flat

Set in front of you with one of the long sides facing you and the tip in upper right corner. Fold up from the bottom as shown- you make it a little off kilter so the rear corner hangs out a bit

Press flat

Now open your paper back up and turn to the other side. You can see the folds we just made

Now- here is the tricky part- fold the crease backwards away from you

and bring the back together like this

Voila! Boat!

now traditional Oragami would never use staples- but for this (since you might want to fill it) a staple works great!

Now to stabilize your boat, punch out a small circle of paper for the base

Hot Glue your boat to the base

Now cut out a little banner and glue it to a toothpick, then hot glue the pick inside of the sail. I also made a cute little banner from my scraps :)

I embellished these with Petaloo Flowers and stickers from the Authentique Acnhored Collection. The stickers have little letters if you want to add names

Another little boat

Close up of the Petaloo flowers

How cute will these be at a party!

You can even fill these with little candies or peanuts or confetti

Watch the video: Origami Sailboat Folding Instructions

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