How to make something for mother's day

Start with your materials you will need more craft sticks than that

Start by cutting one of your sticks in half with your scissors this might take some muscle

Cut the round part off of the end of the stick do the same for the other one

Now you have a total of three sticks

Assemble it I cut the round parts off my big craft stick for a neat look

Now just glue it together

Like this

Now I will show u how to do the ️

You will need 4 stick I cut one in half already

Cut another stick in half now your table or area should look like this

Now assemble and glue

Your paper should look like this

Now I will show u how to do the u

You will need another 3 sticks

Cut in half so now it looks like this

Assemble and glue

Since u are done it should look like this

This can work for Mother's Day ,valentines day and Father's Day . Or you can give it to anyone u ️

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