How to paint drip-dot nails

Choose two contrasting nail polish colors. I am using "Exotic Liras" by Essie, and "Innocent" by Sinful Colors. Also, find anything to make dots with. I am using the end of a paint brush.

Paint your entire nail with one of your colors (this is my thumb btw)

Using your other color, paint half of your nail diagonally.

Dot on some spaced out dots on the pink half, but connected to the green. ^^^

Do the same with the pink, but this time put these dots in between your green dots. You start to get a drippy design.

Paint on green dots below the green "bumps" to make it look like the two colors are mixing together. It hard to explain, but easy to see in the picture^^^

Do the same with pink on the other side, add a top coat, and you're done! This design is super easy, anyone can do it, and it's soooo cool!

Watch the video: 3D Blood Drip Halloween Nail Art. caramellogram

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