How to make restaurant quality french fries at home

Wash the potatoes. Then (if you don't want the skin), take if off with a peeler. Next, cut the potatoes in 4th's length wise and then cut into that perfect French fry shape.

Now, to lower the potassium in the potatoes, soak them in water for at least 3 hours. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SOAKING THEM FOR 24 HOURS because then your frier come out crisp, fluffy and not greasy.

Now, take to potatoes out of the water and put them on a cookie rack. Then coat them in cornstarch until the water is dried.

Now, put oil in a big pot. Heat it to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the candy thermometer to see when the oils ready. If your using a deep frier, turn it on, put the oil in, and wait for it to heat.

Set up a place to put the fries once done cooking. Take out a medium bowl and line the inside with paper towel. Have extra paper towel ready.

Now, take out another plate to put the frier once done taking the greese out

Now, fri 🙌. Cook a big handful of potatoes at a time, increase heat a little when frying. Stir with slotted spoon so they won't stick

Cook 4 to 5 minutes until fries are blond. Then, take the fries out and put them in the paper towels to take out the grease. Then put on another plate. repeat with all the fries. DONT EAT YET.

Now let the oil heat to 375. Then, start from again with the same process for the fries but cook for 2-3 minutes until crisp. Put fries in paper towels and then on a plate. Season with salt after.


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