How to make a catapult out of tinker toys

Step 1- gather your supplies.

Step 2: Assemble the base of the catapult by putting two purple sticks into the side of the four yellow wheels and also putting two blue sticks into the center of the same four yellow wheels.

Step 3: Begin to assemble the support for the launcher by putting two red sticks into the top right corner of any two yellow wheels and adding two more yellow wheels onto the tip of the red sticks.

Step 4A:Assemble extra supports for the launcher by putting two green sticks on the top of two yellow wheels. Add two more yellow wheels with a green stick attached to the other yellow wheels.

Step five, now add the blue wheels

Step 4B:Assemble the launcher by putting one intersection with a blue stick through one side and one orange stick on one side and a green stick with a yellow wheel attached to it.

Step 6: Once you add the rubber band and cup, it should look like this.

Watch the video: Making a Toy Catapult

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