How to draw a simple but lovely flower

First, draw a small circle in the middle of your paper.

Next, draw a petal running off of the circle.

Repeat the same step until you get at least 5 petals on the circle.

Keep going...

It'll look something like this... (Note: this flower has 6 petals, but feel free to create how ever many you want :) )

Now, draw a stem coming down from the flower.

Then, draw a leaf on the stem and add the lines in the leaf.

Repeat the step so you'll have two leaves!

Next, add value to each petal simply by drawing lines in the petal. Remember, DON'T fill the petal completely! ;)

Repeat the step until all the petals have value!

Also, add shading (value) to the stem (you can also add dots to the small circle in the center of the flower, but that's optional) ;)

Add shading to the leaves, too.

(Optional) Add color to the whole flower.

And your done! :D :D :D Hope you enjoy your simple and lovely flower! ;) Share it to your family and friends, or post it on your wall! :)

Watch the video: How to Draw a Lily Flower Easy

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