How to make immune defense infused water

Drinking infused water helps detoxing your body, refresh giving you extra energy and rehydrate your skin better. If you don't drink enough water daily, try this the taste with lower calories helps.

Wash the fruit rub them a little to release aroma oil. Slice up all the fruit as thinly as you can (its easier to clean and help the infusion process to be quicker)

No nee to get rid of the seed. Just throw away the ones that drop out, leave the others in.

Add water, let it sits for 30 minutes before drinking at room temperatures.

Basically this is like the tore vitamin drinks that doesn't contain any harsh chemical sugar preservative, and cost less. Here are some Variations

1. Green tea + mint + lime for fat burning, headaches, congestion, breath freshen. 2. Strawberry + kiwi improve cardiovascular health, immune system boost, blood sugar control, digestion

3. Cucumber + lime + lemon for weight control, makes you less hungry, hydrate skin, digestion You can fridge all recipes, apart from the lime + lemon + orange one should be drink at room temp.

Watch the video: 5 Easy Infused Water Recipes To Make Water Not Suck. A Sweet Pea Chef

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