How to prep yeast

Measure the yeast.

Warm 1/4 cup of water. It cannot be too hot or the yeast will die. Too cold and it won't revive. Water should be warm to the touch, 100-110 degrees

Add honey or sugar, this feeds the yeast. Do not add salt. Salt is mixed with the flour and not dissolved with the yeast. If the combined liquid cools, warm it up before adding the yeast.

Sprinkle yeast over liquid. Stir to mix. Leave for 5 minutes in a warm area, or place the container with the yeast in some warm water, or in a slightly warm oven. Note: keep temp between 100-110.

Yeast is now active & ready to be added to flour and other ingredients. If it doesn't foam and increase, discard and use another packet. Thanks for viewing. For awesome napkins,

Watch the video: My take on how to properly make a yeast starter!

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