How to make ice cream cake

These are your ingredients!!! :)

Get 20 Oreos and put them in a bag!!!

Then it should look like pouder.

Pour in a bowl!!!

Get 1/2 of butter. Then put it in a bowl.

Then put the butter in the microwave for 30 sec.

Then it should look like this. ;)

Then pour the butter with the Oreos.


Put it in the baking tray!

Then spread it around with a baking spoon.

Then it NEEDS to be filled all the way around the baking tray.

Then put the Oreos in the freezer for 30 mins!!


Then it should be VERY hard. Hard as a ROCK

Then get your vanilla ice cream.

Then smooth it out with a spoon.

K. Now your done!!! You can eat it right away!! Like me️ or you can put it in the freezer for later!

Then add any kind of topping. I'm using whipped cream!! Yum.....


Watch the video: How to make an Ice Cream Cake Like Cold Stone Creamery

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