How to make s'mores in a microwave

Note that the ingredients listed are enough to make you only one s'more so you can multiply the quantity's for this recipe as you wish...

Here is all you will need to make your indoor, campfire free, s'mores

Place the three marshmallows on one of the ritz crackers like so.

Place the four chocolate chips of your choice like so : one upside down in the middle and the other three in each of the corners of the marshmallows ( right side up).

You then want to place it into the microwave for 10 seconds and then two, 5 second intervals. Or, just the total of 15 seconds.

After you microwave, it will look just like this!

You then want to take the second ritz cracker and press it on top of the other ritz cracker. You are then done and ready to enjoy!

Trust'll want more than just one...

Watch the video: How to make Smores in the microwave!

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