How to paint musical nails 🎶

Before I start, I will apologise for the abysmal photo quality on some of these :/

Paint nails with a basecoat and 2 coats of white

Paint 3 black lines on the lower part of your nail (I used a pen liquid eyeliner because they are a MUCH more controllable way to do it- however you will need a top coat)

Paint a couple of large black dots on your lines

Draw two lines coming off the side of your dots towards the top of your nail- try to finish them on the same level (with eyeliner you can wash it off if it goes wrong)

Optional- join the two lines together with another horizontal line, and add another thinner line below (see next step)

Don't do all the patterns the same, I change the type of note I do for each nail, and just do one on the pinky

Top coat (especially if you use eyeliner for the details!) and you're done! Enjoy your nails! Any comments appreciated :)

Watch the video: Acrylic Nails Easy Music Note Nail Design

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