How to make chocolate ripple cake

The following ingredients in this picture is what you need to make this recipe

First add 2 table spoons of coffee and sugar into a bowl

Then add the Marcella

And stir

Next add boiling water to your mix

And stir then put in the fridge to cool down just a little while you whip the cream other wise when you dip the biscuits in they might break and go to soggy

Next poor 600ml of cream into a bowl

And whip till nice and fluffy

Next get your biscuit and dip one half into the coffee then with a butter knife spread cream on the side you dipped the coffee in

And start pressing them together like this

Next get the cream thats left and spread all over the biscuits

And smooth it out with a butter knife

Then put in the fridge to set for about 2 to 3 hours

Once set for topping you can grate some chocolate over the top

enjoy your amazing chocolate ripple cake!!

Watch the video: Aussie Choc Ripple Cake - feat. Creative Cakes by Sharon

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