How to get free lives in twodots without in-app-purchase

I admit it: I am totally addicted to TwoDots. (And if you weren't as well, you would not be reading this guide ;)

You know those annoying levels that keep killing you over and over again?

And at some point you're out of lives...

...and it will take ages (or money) to keep on playing.

Simple trick: Connect to Facebook, uninstall the app, re-install it and connect to Facebook again

Make sure TwoDots is connected to Facebook. Otherwise you loose your progress

Press and hold the icon, when it wiggles tap the little x on the upper-left corner

Go to the App Store and re-install TwoDots

Open the App and re-connect to Facebook

Your progress will be reinstated & you'll have another five lives

You'll even get a free refill when you're out of lives the first time

Have fun, keep playing! Connect to me on Facebook to compare scores: Simply search for Martin Storb

Watch the video: TwoDots Cheat. Hack. GET THE BEST START POSSIBLE

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