How to make a white sauce pasta

Chop the vegetables- onion, green pepper, carrot. You can also add yellow and red pepper.

Heat butter in a pan.

Add chopped vegetables in the pan. Mix it and then add salt, black pepper and oregano and parsley. Stir it on medium heat.

For the white sauce- now add butter in another big bowl

Add cornflour to make it thick and then add amount of milk and cheese.

Add more milk to the material and add black pepper and salt to it.

Stir it for some time. Add chopped vegetables to the batter formed and add parsley or oregano.

Meanwhile boil the spaghetti in water and do add salt to the water and then take it out. It should be boiled till it get softened. Should look like this.

Add the boiled spaghetti to the batter and mix it properly.

And your yummy white sauce pasta is ready :) and dont forget to like it :p

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