How to make cowboy style steak n potatoes

I choose to use Chuck steak but any cut will work. Let the steak sit out for 15-20 to become room temp.

All of the products used to season the steaks

Season steaks and let sit to let it marinate while you finish prepping your meal

I used a cast iron pan for this dish because it creates a delicious crust and caramelization on the steak and onions

Golden russet potatoes washed and ready to be cut

Cut seasoned and tossed in vegetable oil. I used all the products lined in the background

Potatoes were cooked at 450 in the oven for 35min-40min do not cover

Prep for caramelized onions

Finished product . Oh and I added a little honey for extra sweetness

Steals were cooked on high heat for 3min on each side if you like medium done steaks. Let rest when done cooking

Just a close up.. Mmmm yum!!

Bon appetite !!!

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