How to paint flowers on canvas

A special thanks to the magnificent Jen Stackpole, for her guidance during this painting session. She was so encouraging and is a very talented artist and educator!

Pour paint into a paper plate.

Using yellow paint, create a 9 square grid. Don't worry about your lines being perfect because you will paint over them anyway.

Print a photo of flower and draw or print a grid on top of the photo.

Using the grid lines as a guide, draw the outline of the flowers and stem with the yellow paint and regular sized paint brush.

Mix colors to create lighter shades. I wanted my background a sky blue with white swirls so I mixed these two colors then painted them with the flat brush in a swirling motion.

Make sure to use the edge of the flat brush to go around the edges of your flowers and stem, painting over the grid lines. Remember, you can always paint over anything... No such things as mistakes!

Use your brush to add texture to the color by swirling the brush or adding various shades of blue mixed with white. Also paint the sides of the canvas if it's a wrapped canvas.

Rinse flat brush and dry on paper towel to remove any traces of white paint. Use red, green, blue and purple to outline sections of the flowers and color the stem.

Continue mixing colors, painting over sections w/yellow, red, and white. Paint white dots in center of flower with fine tipped paintbrush. Remember to sign your artwork! You're a pro!

Watch the video: How to Paint Roses. Speedpaint Acrylic Rose. How To Paint Flowers

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