How to make freshly baked crumbly raisin scones

A group photo of the ingredients

Mix the flour and raisins in a suitable bowl

Add the butter/margarine to the flour. The butter should be slightly hard to be mixed into the flour. You can cube it for ease in mixing it.

Using your fingers, rub the butter into the flour

The idea is to have a bread crumb look to the flour after mixing in the butter.

Add and mix in the sugar....

At the centre of the flour mix, make a well to add in the milk

Add the milk..... This method makes it easier to mix the milk to the flour.

Using your fingers, start working the flour into the milk.

Slowly keep kneading as the dough gets sticky.

When all the flour is fully mixed in, scrape off the sticky dough from the bowl.......

Sprinkle some flour on a clean dry surface

Transfer the sticky dough to the floured surface

Knead the dough until it smooth and compact.

Roll the dough into a round 1 inch thick circle. You can also make it 1/2 inch for smaller scones

Ready for the next stage

Using a round cutter/small container, press to cut rounds from the dough.

The idea is to try and reduce any space between the rounds

You can use a small knife to pick out the cut pieces

You can also use your fingers to gently pick up the pieces ready to place on a waiting baking tray.

Arrange the pieces while the oven is set at 220C/425F already heating up.

Using a small brush, apply the beaten eggs on the top of each piece. This will help in giving the finished scones a beautiful golden colour

The oven is hot and ready for use.

Place the tray on the top level of the oven an bake for 10-12 minutes or until golden

This is what you should get.

Serve warm as a snack with your tea or favourite hot beverage

An inside look

Watch the video: How to make Scones - Simple and Easy Scones with only 3 ingredients

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