How to fit your entire photo on instagram

So this is a typical photo being uploaded within instagram. It crops the photo with an aspect (1:1). It cuts off the sides of the photo. So I will show a quick way to correct that.

Picframe is the best option for doing this. As a photographer, it is important to me that my photos maintain great quality. This app allows me to post my pictures in the aspect they were shot.

Hit the upper right corner (highlighted blue) to change the aspect ratio that fits best for the photo being posted.

Tap the middle of the blank area to bring up menu options. Hit (camera roll) to access photos on your device.

After you have chosen the photo you want to post, you can leave the border around it, or hit (style) to change the look. I often remove the border to get a better feel of the photo I am posting.

As seen above, the border is removed. You also have the option to add text (labels) but I did not have a need to for this post.

Next, hit the (share) button at the bottom right of the photo, you will see many options but we are focused on instagram for this post. (Highest resolution recommended). Tap the instagram button.

Next, you will see a box appear at the top of the screen with an instagram icon to click. This is your next step.

And here we are! You now can post any photo with the desired aspect ratio you choose! Thanks for checking this out! **Please like this post** Follow me on instagram!! (@medialifted).

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