How to create a mixed media canvas with tcw stencils

Sprat mists on a pre-gesso'd canvas. I used Art Anthology Colorations ink sprays.

Spray water using a mister onto inked canvas.

Continue spraying inks until happy with color combinations.

Use finger to blend inks.

Continue blending with finger until happy with results.

Lay stencil on inked canvas and apply molding paste with craft knife. I used the Sketch Grid (TCW456) stencil.

Set canvas aside to dry. Tip: Pull stencil up and quickly slip it into water or clean it before the molding past hardens on it.

While the molding paste is hardening on canvas, distress photo using the distressing tool and set photo aside.

Apply gesso to layers of torn patterned paper using foam brush.

Spray Art Anthology Colorations onto patterned paper layers and apply vintage photo ink to edges.

Run inked patterned paper layers and distressed photo through Xyron 9" Creative Station.

Layer photo and patterned papers together. Adhere to canvas.

Add embellishments using hot glue.

Continue embellishing until happy with the final result.

Watch the video: Mixed Media Canvas Paris

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