How to cook parava fish fry

Take 1 kg of Parava Fish

Apply green paste first..

Grated fresh coconut, mixture of ginger garlic and garam masala

After marination it looks like this..

Keep it in deep freezer for at least an hour..

Take a non sticky pan.. Heat the pan and apply some oil.. Suggested oil: Olive oil.

Keep checking the fish frequently...need to turn around for other part to fry..

That's a semi cook and semi fry fish... Keep going for another 5-10 min in medium Flame..

It's about to finish... Sprinkle garam masala on top of it before serving...

Now that's it... Yummy Parava dish!!

That's my yummy and tasty Parava fish fry!!! Ready to taste??? Lovi'n it!!

Watch the video: കലല സററൽ തങങ അരചച മൻ കറ Kollam style fish curry with coconutതങങ അരചച നടൻ മൻ കറ

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