How to cook an easy strawberry cheesecake

First start off by washing and cutting strawberries to your desired size

Second place strawberries in a pan to heat a bit with a little bit of water and sugar so they can get caramalized

Turn off pan after syrup starts turning red then set it aside

Next blend two eggs with a bit of vanilla

After the eggs are fully blended place the cream cheese in the blender but blend at the same time with the sweetened milk

I use the sweetened milk la lechera usually in a can but I didn't find any at the store so I used the whole bottle of this

After u place all ingredients in blender blend them all together until fully mixed

Then I like to start preheating my oven at 375 degrees but it's probably better if you do this at the beginning so oven is really warm

Next take off lid from your cheesecake crust or you can make your own, I choose to buy premise to make the process faster

First I put the strawberries in crust and make sure there coated evenly

After I start pouring in my mixture, you can mix the strawberries around with the mixture after pouring it all in but I left mine alone

Then it's time to pop in the oven for about 20-25 minutes or until toothpick in center comes out clean

Let the cheesecake cool down and deflate before adding anything else

Here I just cut some more strawberries and mixed it with a little bit of the condensed milk to give it a sweet taste but you can use whipped cream or just fresh strawberries

Place your strawberries on top and let cool in fridge for a bit (looks kind of crappy because I chose to only use a bit of strawberries on top but you can use to your liking)

Pop out of the fridge and it's ready to eat! Hope you enjoy this very easy steps to a strawberry cheesecake!

Hint- if you want to make an easy step plain cheesecake just skip steps with all the strawberries in it! Only a few ingredients and a few steps and you have a yummy easy cheesecake!

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