How to make blueberry cobblercamp style, with cast iron

Gathered ingredients ...

Charcoal to fill the chimney.

I use newspaper to light the charcoal. We don't like the smell or the taste lighter fluid when cooking with charcoal. You can use lighter fluid if you like.

It does take longer to get the coals white when using this method, but it does make it easier to handle and move the coals around to where you need them later.

Soon ... when I get flame pouring out of the top of the chimney the coals are almost ready. Newspaper is added and lit under the chimney to get the coals fire hot.

Sometimes you need to shake the chimney a bit to stir up the coals. Be very careful, this is extremely hot !!!! These coals are ready to use.

Since this whole dessert is created outside, I created a little stove using hot coals and a cast iron lid stand to melt 3/4 stick of butter.

In a few minutes, the butter is melted. When melted, set aside.

The general rule for cast iron cooking is 2 under and 2 over. So, a 12" Dutch oven would have 10 coals under the pot and 14 coals on the lid.

After the butter is set aside, I used the lid stand to hold the Dutch oven lid. I have added about 14-16 hot coals to preheat the lid.

More coals are added to the location to where the lid stand was located. Add 10-12 hot coals.

Set the 3 legged Dutch oven over the hot coals to preheat this too.

Add the remaining 1/4 stick of butter and melt it. Add in the can of blueberry filling to the Dutch oven.

Add the can of blueberries with the juice included.

Stir fruit together lightly. Get the cake mix and sprinkle over the the top of the fruit fillings.

Cover the entire top of the fruit with the cake mix.

Pour a half a can of a "clear type soda"; sprite or 7-up will work just fine.

Using a fork, stir the crumbs and the soda lightly, being careful not to stir in the fruit.

Drizzle the melted butter over the entire top of the cobbler.

Using a lid lifter, lift the preheated lid and place on top of the Dutch oven.

Place the lid on top of the Dutch oven and let alone for 30 minutes .... No peaking!

Lid is set, remove lid lifter.

30 minutes later ....

Be careful lifting the lit, it will be very hot!

Done, the fruit is bubbling, the cake is golden brown, and looks yummy!

Delicious blueberry cobbler! Happy Father's Day!!

Thank you for viewing my Blueberry cobbler. Outdoor cast iron cooking is fun and a hobby. Look forward to other outdoor cast iron cooking guides. Please check out my other dessert guides. Thank you!

Watch the video: Cabelas Cast Iron Blueberry Cobbler

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