How to create a mixed media piece using 1 stencil 2 ways

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Gather your supplies.

choose your background paper and trim to fit. since my panel is 11 x 14, and I am using 12 x 12 paper, I had to trim and add a bit.

We are going to be using our stencil 2 ways. First, we are going to cut shapes using it. You can do this by either (A) Using a craft knife OR....

Tracing the shape and.....

And then cutting it out. This second way is better for those who are scared of cutting their stencils, but the first was is faster. Cut 10-12 pieces in different patterns.

Build your background! tear various patterns and sizes of papers. I like allowing some white core to show because it adds instant interest and depth. Remember: Mod Podge goes under/over your paper

Layer our cut out shapes so that you have a nice contrast of patterns next to each other. Adhere down with your Mod Podge.

Layer your doilies and allow to dry. Then, using your stencil and acrylic paint, paint your shape in various areas on your canvas. Once the paint it dry, add accents with your gold gelato.

Grab your gold acrylic paint and your foam stamp. Stamp circles in 3-5 places, allowing some to hang off the edge of your canvas.

Using your gold paint again, lightly swipe your paint brush across your canvas.

It's time for Color Shine!!! Lightly spray 3 areas with the Chartreuse (remember to shake the bottle first!) Use a heat gun to speed drying.

With the Primrose, shake it well and then remove the cap. Use the tube to flick it on to your canvas. Lift your canvas and lightly tap it down to allow the drops to slide down. Use your heat gun again

Now it's time for stamping!! I LOVE my huge harlequin stamp from Stampin' Up! It adds a great grungy detail when lightly stamped with Brown Archival Ink by Ranger.

A Good flower stamp (I think) keeps with the girly feel of the piece.

I LOVE a good flourish.

Just a friendly reminder...always hit Archival Ink with a heat gun to set it and make it permanent.

for my centerpiece, I used a black felt dress form and matching flourishes. I layered lace over the "skirt" and added a butterfly I made with Mod Podge melts and painted.

My title was made by stamping the quote, cutting it into strips and lightly edging them with gold and blue gelato.

I hope you enjoyed my project today!

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